Services Available

• Full event planning -from idea development to wrap up/clean up

• Day of planning- for those looking to plan everything themselves but let someone else coordinate

• Stage direction -for events requiring use of stage, presenters, and displays

• Support planning-, providing clients with access to resources, superb vendors, venue scouting and tours, and any additional planning support

  • • Set up/tear down services,- for those who wish to plan their own event, but need us to handle the nitty gritty details, ideal for event receptions like weddings where the wedding party is at

  • Accessibility    we  can  also  Make  Sure  your  event  is  Accessible  
  • Dj services 
  • Photo and Media  Services
  • Festival  and  Live  Productions  Support  
  • safety  Services  and More 


Galas   and  Trade Show  1000-5000

Live  Productions/ concert  500- 2000

Dances and Parties  500-800

small  events  200 -500

500-1500  Golf Tournament 

Please   note   that   this  is  plus   Rentals